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Paranormal Research of Illinois is an Amateur/Professional research and investigation team.  Members consist of people who in their spare time have a passion for the paranormal.  PRI is a legitimate paranormal research team and we take what we do seriously.  The Founders and team members take the experiences that they have learned from past experiences and utilize it to give the best possible investigation that can be done.  PRI hopes to help other people, and ourselves as well, gain knowledge about the paranormal.

When contacted, PRI will conduct a professional and thorough investigation of your home, business, or site.  We perform research and investigation at no charge to those that contact us.  PRI is a non-profit organization and we operate complete from dues, donations, and our own funds.  All of our investigations are held in the utmost confidentiality and no personal information will be exposed to the public unless otherwise stated.

PRI enters every investigation with an open mind but we also go into an investigation trying to debunk any claims.  We enter into our investigations as neither a believer or a skeptic.  We feel that the only way to prove paranormal activity it to first attempt to disprove it.  We do not use Oujia Boards, Séances, or Witchcraft to to invoke spirit activity.  We use scientific equipment and personal experiences when performing an investigation.  When personal experience can be backed with scientific proof, it gives it that much more credibility.  Over half of our investigations can be credited to be in someway, normal human activity.

PRI is based out of North Central Illinois but is capable of traveling also into Iowa, Wisconsin, and Indiana as needed.

Periodically we will post photos, evps, and such on our website to help in informing others about the paranormal and are property of PRI and copyrighted.  When this is done, it is still done in confidentiality and no personal information is posted, unless permission is given by the client.  The client’s wishes are always respected and we want them to feel comfortable with.

If you believe that you may have paranormal activity or just have questions, please contact us.

PRI Founders Chad Griffiths & Michael McLain

Do you smell something?"

Dr. Ray Stantz

We are always looking for new members.

Give us a call anytime.

Call (815) 990-8957 for details.

Baileyville, IL 61007

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