Case # ST-IL-0016
Private Country Residence in Sterling, Illinois


In January, P.R.I. was contacted by a family to do an investigation of their home and property. An investigator was sent to the family’s home, via the homeowners request, to do an intake and find out what activities were being reported.  Once their, it was reported that in the home one could hear strange creaking sounds, children’s laughter (owners have no children), and cold breezes when no windows are open or vents on.  In one of the barns there was a sighting of a large shadowy man with an axe and in the other barn was of a woman roaming in the upper rafters and the sound of a female shrieking.  The wooded area surrounding the home had reports of unexplained sounds of people talking and a black shadowy figure peeking from behind trees at people at night.

While there, the wife left the room for a while (30 minutes) so the investigator walked around the dining room.  While walking around this room wires leading under the floorboard were spotted.  When the floorboard was lifted, a small speaker was found.  The investigator immediately went to find the home owner.

While looking for the owner, the investigator found a stereo system with a microphone in a large hall closet.  From this stereo, wires lead out into the walls to the speakers.  The investigator started to get upset with the situation.  Just as the investigator was about to leave, the home owner returned.

When the home owner was asked about the speakers and stereo equipment, she turned white as a ghost and got very angry.  She said that her husband and her did not believe in "Ghosts and Goblins" and wanted to prove that paranormal researchers were all just a big hoax.  She was told that we have equipment that would have detected these speakers and wires but she did not care nor believe.  The investigator then left.

We are here to investigate, learn, and educate others that would like to learn and not force them to believe in the paranormal.  We do not make or tell anyone to pay us to investigate for them.  While we do accept donations, our expenses are entirely from our members dues and our own money.