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Occult – Beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding and/or pertaining to magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies.

- Esoteric systems of belief and practice that assume the existence of mysterious forces and entities.

Old Hag Syndrome
- A nocturnal phenomena that involves a feeling of immobilization, suffocation, odd smells and feelings and is sometimes accompanied my immense fear (Sleep Paralysis and Sleep Apnea).

- Orbs are not ghosts, they are in essence just balls of energy which the paranormal may draw upon to manifest. For something paranormal to manifest itself, it needs to draw on its surrounding energies. When deducing if something is a true orb or not, it is always important to remember three things.
                                                                1. Orbs are always circular.
                                                                2. Orbs are 3D, they have depth and stand out.
                                                                3. Orbs are self luminous.

Ouija Board
- A pre-printed messaging board with letters, numerals, and words used in spirit communication. Typically a planchette is employed to spell out words and point out numbers or letters. It is also believed by some that it is used to conjure evil spirits and elements into our plain of existence.

Outward Manifestation
- A physical manifestation of paranormal activity which is visible to those around.

Out-of-Body Experience (OBE)
– An involuntary sensation or experience in which ones self or spirit travels to a different location than their physical body. This is not to be confused with Astral Projection which occurs intentionally.

Paranormal - Referring to something that is beyond the range of normal human experience or scientific explanation and understanding.

Paranormal Investigator
– Also known as a Ghost Hunter. An impartial professional that visits locations that are believed to have paranormal activity and attempts to find out what is causing the activity whether it’s paranormal in nature or not.

- Literally meaning beyond psychology. The study of apparent new means of communication and/or interaction between organisms and their environment (commonly referred to as psi, or psychic ability) that are beyond those presently understood by the scientific community.

Past Life Recall
- Remembering or having mental flashes of another life in another century.

– A five-pointed star encompassed by a circle, often held to have magical or mystical significance, formed by five straight lines connecting the vertices of a pentagon and enclosing another pentagon in the completed figure. The five points represent the elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit) and the circle signifies unity. The Pentacle is used for protection by Wiccans or people who perform Witch Craft. This is not an evil or satanic symbol. This is different than a pentagram and should not be confused.

– A five-pointed star, with the single point facing down and no circle, shaped figure. The two top most points represent the horns of the goat. The lower single point represents the beard and the two points to the side represent the ears of the goat. It is made by extending the sides of a regular pentagon until they meet. It is commonly used as an occult symbol by the Pythagoreans and later philosophers, magicians, and in conjunction with satanic cults.

- A person who sees (i.e., perceives) an apparition.

- Something that is seen, heard, or sensed, but has no physical reality (Ghost).

– The small, heart-shaped board supported by two casters and a pencil or stylus that, when moved across a Ouija board by the light, unguided pressure of the fingertips, is supposed to trace meaningful patterns or written messages revealing subconscious thoughts, psychic phenomena, and/or clairvoyant messages from beyond.

- A general term applied to a variety of site, person, or specific physical phenomena. Commonly a non-human spirit entity which literally means "noisy ghost" but is usually more malicious and destructive than ghosts of dead human beings. Traditional poltergeists activities are thumping and banging, levitating or the moving of objects, stone throwing and starting fires. It is thought that poltergeist activity in some instances may be brought on subconsciously by an adolescent agent or females under the age of 25. Anecdotal reports suggest that many poltergeist focus on an individual under some form of emotional stress.

– The state of being possessed or controlled by an evil spirit or consciousness with violent passions, madness, emotion, chaos, and ill intent; demonic possession.

- The ability to predict or have knowledge, pre-knowing, of something in advance of its occurrence, especially by extrasensory perception (Clairvoyance).

Precognative Dreams
- To have dreams of events or incidents before they happen.

- To be able to predict future events before they occur.

– A feeling of anticipation of or anxiety over a future event. It is a type of forewarning similar to that of precognition but with emotional feelings.

- A general term for parapsychological phenomena that includes informational (RV, ESP) and energetic (PK) effects. It is also (), the 23rd letter in the Greek alphabet that denotes psychic phenomena.

– Popular term regarding a person who is allegedly sensitive to psychic influences or forces, a medium. Also meaning or pertaining to the human soul or mind, mental. Also refers to general phenomena related to the mind (from Greek psyche).

Psychic Surgery
- The supposed ability to paranormally perform invasive surgery using no conventional medical tools. The psychic surgeon uses either an unsterilized knife, or his bare hands, to appear to make an incision and remove some internal matter. Once the operation is finished, there is no sign of an incision, nor are there any unpleasant aftereffects (e.g. infection). Many of the investigated cases have turned out to be fraudulent, involving sleight of hand tricks to make the operation appear convincing. However, it is possible that, in some circumstances, the ritual nature of the "surgery" could help effect a cure through the equally mysterious placebo effect.

Psychokinesis (PK)
- The power of the mind to affect matter without physical contact, especially in inanimate and remote objects by the exercise of psychic powers (Telekinesis).

- The ability or art of divining information or history about people or events associated with an object solely by touching or being near to it.

- The ability to unconsciously control and sometimes in rare cases produce fire with their mind only.