Case # GA-IL-0025
DeSoto House Hotel in Galena, Illinois
Investigation Date
May 16, 2009

Bill W.

Infrared Thermometers
Digital Cameras
Digital Camcorder
Digital Voice Recorders
IR Nightvision Camera
EMF Meters


sounds from the kitchen, subway hall, and dining room areas.
Apparitions of a woman in the dining rooms near thew subway hall
Shadowy figures.
Ballroom music coming from above the third floor (no fourth floor).
Unseen people talking in various rooms throughout the hotel.
Feelings of being watched and/or touched in the downstairs bar.

Digital Voice Recorders were set up in a third floor room, main floor fireplace lounge, 2nd dining room, and two in the subway.
IR Nightvision Camera was set up in the Thomas Nast room.

Base EMF
Hotel / Dining Areas 0.2
Subway Hall / Kitchen 0.4

Weather Conditions
Temp: 38.8 Degrees
Humidity: 76%
Wind: Calm
Sky: Partly Cloudy

The DeSoto House is the oldest hotel in Illinois still in business today.

All EVP's are from the subway area.
EVP #1 ~ Shortly after the investigation began.
EVP #2 ~ Over by the doorway into the kitchen.
EVP #3 ~ Shortly after an investigator felt as if she had been burnt.
EVP #4 ~ At same time as an investigator thought she saw a small child / baby in the 2nd dining room over by the entrance to the subway hall.

 Strange Sounds
 Baby Sounds

During this investigation, we were joined by two members of Forest City Paranormal Society (FCPS).

Personal Experiences:
(Not Factual Proof)

1 ~ Twice, two little bubble wands were tossed at a group of investigators.  Once in the kitchen area beside the basement exit and another in the doorway from the kitchen to the subway.  No one else was present in the area.
2 ~ An investigator, while in the subway, was sitting on the ground asking questions.  While sitting there, she suddenly felt as if her left upper arm had been lit on fire.  Her and the other investigators with her exited outside immediately and noted that her left upper arm was bright red and very hot to the touch.
3 ~
Investigators were sitting in the 2nd dining room area when one thought she saw a small child / baby sitting in the far corner by the entryway to the subway hallway.

While walking down the spiral staircase to the front lobby.  The investigators were headed outside as they took this photograph.  No one was outside the front entrance at this time but as you can see from the zoomed in view below, it looks as someone is looking in from the outside.


Reports of humming coming from in the Quiet Room ~ While in this room, it was noted that when the furnace kicks on, there is a low humming in this room.  This hum can very easily be mistaken as a person humming.  This is easiest heard during the night hours when less people are roaming the halls and talking.

#2: Feelings of being watched or touched in the downstairs bar area ~ The subway hall runs directly behind this room and there is an open window into the subway from this room.  Directly on the other side of this window is an electrical switch for the ventilation leading into that room.  When taking EMF readings, this unit would continually overload the Triaxial EMF meter.  It is documented that high EMF readings can cause illness, paranoia, and hallucinations.

#3: Unseen voices heard in various rooms in the hotel ~ Voices heard in the Lincoln Suite were actually carried through the ventilation system from the room directly across the hall.  Noises in one room can carry through the ventilation system into the surrounding rooms.