Case # GA-IL-0022
Private Residence in Galena, Illinois
Investigation Date
April 18, 2009

Beth (Guest Investigator)

Infrared Thermometer
Digital Camera
Digital Camcorder
Digital Voice Recorder (4)
IR Nightvision Camera
EMF Meter


Strange sounds.
Doors opening and closing.
Rocking chair rocking on its own.
Feelings of being watched.
Shadowy figures.

Nightvision Webcam set up in the living room aimed at the rocking chair.
Digital Voice Recorder set on coffee table closest to the camera.
Digital Voice Recorder set on the dresser in the boys room.
Voice Recorder set on the upstairs landing of the stairs.
Digital Voice Recorder set beside the doorway to the upstairs bathroom. (Half way through the investigation, this recorder was moved to beside the television in the master bedroom.)

Base EMF

Weather Conditions
Temp: 56.3 Degrees
Humidity: 85%
Wind: 1mph from the West
Sky: Partly Cloudy

While no video evidence was captured, two strange EVP's were found from the recorder in the master bedroom.  The first was shortly after we placed the recorder by the television.  The second was later when no one was present upstairs and the television was off.
   Strange Sound
Many noises were able to be debunked.  Noises from the neighbors, on the other side of the wall by the stairs, was heard more clearly in the living room than by the stairs.  Other sounds were attributed to the age of the townhouse, the weather, and other things throughout the home.

Personal Experiences:
(Not Factual Proof)

1 ~ Two investigators commented on being shoved when in the upstairs hall beside the bathroom and daughter's bedroom doors.
2 ~ Numerous times through the coarse of the investigation, pennies were being "thrown around". By the end of the investigation, seven pennies had been found.  Two had hit two different investigators.  At one time during the night, one investigator watched as a penny started to roll away from the spot it was sitting in.
3 ~ One investigator, while sitting on a fold up bed, was almost folded up in the bed.  While sitting on the edge at the middle of the bed, it began folding up.  The only way investigators were able to do this again was when another investigator lifted the end of the bed up, fold it, and then pushed it down.