Case # GA-IL-0018
One Eleven Main in Galena, Illinois
Investigation Date
February 18, 2009

Chad (PRI)
Bill (PRI)
Barb (PRI)
Jennifer (SWPRG)
Dave (SWPRG)
Cindy (SWPRG)

Infrared Thermometer
Digital Camera
Digital Camcorder
Mini DV Camcorder
Digital Voice Recorder (4)
IR Nightvision Camera
EMF Meter


Strange sounds.
Objects moving.
Apparitions of a woman, a bird, and a little boy
Shadowy figures.

IR Nightvision Camera was set up on a chair beside the stage facing the piano area.
Digital Voice Recorder was set on the chair directly in front of the Camera on 2nd floor.
IR Nightvision Camera was set up on a table facing through a doorway into a storage area on 3rd floor
Digital Voice Recorder set on the table directly in front of the camera.
Mini DV Camcorder Set up  outside the 3rd floor bathroom facing the large open area on the 3rd floor.

Base EMF

Weather Conditions
Temp: 22 Degrees
Humidity: 76%
Wind: 1mph from the North by North West
Sky: Overcast/Snow

This return visit included a team from the Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Group.  They were invited to perform tests of their own using the D.E.A.D. (Direct Environmental Acquisition Data) logging system.
Some activity was detected while both groups were present.  Later in the investigation, activity picked up and a few things were found.

Eight Possible EVP's were caught that night.
EVP #1 ~ Basement crawl space shortly after entering the area.
EVP #2 ~ Basement crawl space upon returning from the far end of the basement.
EVP #3 & #4 ~ Over by the stage/piano area by the entryway.
EVP #5 ~ In the same area as the two previous EVP's but coincides with EVP #7.
EVP #6
~ On the stage at the beginning of the night. Possible EMF spikes at the same time as the EVP.
EVP #7 ~ On the stage, coincides with EVP #5.
EVP #8 ~ On the stage as investigators were preparing to end for the night. ADULT LANGUAGE.

 Unknown Voice
 Heavy Breathing
 "Hi" (Coincides with EVP #7)
 Strange Background Sound
 "Hi" (Coincides with EVP #5)
 Breath Sound "ADULT LANGUAGE"

It was decided to repeat the events from the stage of the previous investigation.  During the first attempt on the stage with SWPRG present, a few noises were being heard from between the two investigators on the stage.  At that same time, SPRWG detected possible EMF spikes from the same area.  Nothing else was detected during this sitting.
During the second sitting on the stage, the investigators once again repeated their line of questioning.  This time there were four seperate times that the EMF meter spiked.  The first two times, it went from 0.1 to 1.3 and then immediately back to a 0.1.  The third time it spiked up to a 1.4 and then back down again.  All three of these times the spikes conincided with the line of questioning.  The fourth time, one investigator was reaching down to the EMF meter to turn it off while the other investigator asked for it to make the meter jump up to a 1 once again.  At that exact moment, the investigators had a sudden freezing chill run up from his hand and into his arm.  At that exact moment the EMF meter spiked to a 1 and then back to a 0.2.  The investigators hand, when touched, felt colder than the rest of his body as if it had been frozen. 

Personal Experiences:
(Not Factual Proof)

1 ~ The sound of a squeaking board was heard between two investigators on the stage on second floor.  The stage is very solid and does not squeak even when bounced on.  Both investigators continued to hear it during the time they spent on the stage.
2 ~ Just as the lights were turned back on, the sound of someone walking down the steps from the third floor landing was heard.  It stopped on the stair landing just as a photograph was taken of the area.
3 ~
As investigators were wrapping up for the night on the 1st floor, a shadow was seen on the 2nd floor above the second stairwell.  Investigators immediately circled around to catch if it was a person in the building but no one was found.

While tearing down after the investigation, the sound of someone walking down the stairs was heard.  The sounds stopped at the landing area as this photo was taken.