Case # GA-IL-0015
Huckleberry Inn in Galena, Illinois
Investigation Date
November 18, 2008


Nightvision Webcam
Infrared Thermometer
Digital Camera
Motion Sensor
Digital Camcorder
Digital Voice Recorder (2)
IR Nightvision Camera
EMF Meter


Strange sounds.

Nightvision Webcam set up in Tom Sawyer's Suite facing across room toward the room entrance.
Digital Voice Recorder set on nightstand closest to the camera.
IR Nightvision Camera set up in dining room facing toward the main entrance.
Digital Voice Recorder set on the table in the dining room.
Digital Camcorder on mini fridge facing the table and the IR Nightvision Camera

Base EMF

Weather Conditions
Temp: 28 Degrees
Humidity: 56%
Wind: 7mph from the South by South West
Sky: Mostly Cloudy

Nothing was detected while the investigators were present in the house.  While the bed and breakfast was vacant, one EVP was recorded and another was recorded upon reentering the bed and breakfast.
Three times during the night were strange odors detected.  The first was on roses.  The second was very foul.  The third one smelled as if someone were baking cookies in the kitchen