Case # GA-IL-0014
One Eleven Main in Galena, Illinois
Investigation Date
November 13, 2008

Steve (Galena Historian)

Nightvision Webcam
Infrared Thermometer
Digital Camera
Motion Sensor
Digital Camcorder
Mini DV Camcorder
Digital Voice Recorder (2)
IR Nightvision Camera
EMF Meter


Strange sounds.
Objects moving.
Apparitions of a woman, a bird, and a little boy
Shadowy figures.

Nightvision Webcam set up on 2nd floor landing facing into the 2nd floor dining area.
Digital Voice Recorder set on a table beside the piano on 2nd floor.
IR Nightvision Camera set up on a table beside the stage facing the piano and table with the recorder.
Mini DV Camcorder Set up under the fire extinguisher on 3rd floor facing the 3rd floor landing
Digital Voice Recorder set on the fire extinguisher.
Digital Camcorder set on a shelf against the far wall facing the Mini DV Camcorder, Digital Recorder and archway into the other room.

Base EMF

Weather Conditions
Temp: 52 Degrees
Humidity: 82%
Wind: 16mph from the South by South West
Sky: Overcast

This investigation site once housed Illinois’ first mortuary and later a casket-making company but today is now a very renowned restaurant.  An eerie photo of possible spirits also hangs in the atrium.  The photo was taken by  the Executive Chef Ryan Boughton but was originally take as an after shot of the newly repainted back side of the restaurant facing Commerce St.  To view the photo, click here.

Eight EVP's were caught that night.
EVP #1 ~ Only 35 seconds after placing the first recorder by the second floor piano.
EVP #2 ~ Upon reentering the second floor bar area by the piano.
EVP #3 ~ While asking questions over by the second floor piano.
EVP #4 ~ Sound on third floor while team members were on the second floor landing.
EVP #5 ~ A sound from the far end of the third floor while team members were on the third floor landing.
EVP #6 ~ Sound on third floor while team members were on the second floor landing.
EVP #7 ~ Discussing the third floor room layouts in the main area of the third floor.
EVP #8 ~ Within seconds after team members left the third floor.

 "Who Are They?"
 Strange Sound
 Strange Sounds
 Bird & Voice
 Strange Sound
 Breathing Or Sigh

While working on an EMF readings on the stage by the piano on second floor, We took note of intermediate spikes on the EMF Gauge.  Whenever it was asked to raise to a certain value, it did almost immediately but then would drop back down to a normal reading.  Finally it was asked again and just before it did, the Executive Chef brought in the Town Historian and it suddenly dropped to 0 and powered off.  The EMF Gauge was then switched off then back on and it again began to give normal readings again.
Possible EMF spikes on second floor in the dining room could be from the first level track lighting, when it is on.  Readings fluctuated in a straight line from the dining room entrance to the second set of stairs.  As the EMF Gauge was brought closer to the floor the reading increased.  Upon turning off the first floor lights, the readings ceased.  This was repeated three times for verification that the lighting was the source of the EMF spikes.

Personal Experiences:
(Not Factual Proof)

1 ~ While sitting in the second floor bar area, a loud bang as if something heavy had fell came from behind the bar but upon investigating, no source was found.
2 ~ While investigating on the third floor with the Historian, the sounds of furniture scraping across the wood floors was heard but no furniture had been moved.
3 ~ While investigating the third floor with the Historian, a shadow briefly covered the light from the windows facing Main St.  No explanation for the shadow was found.
4 ~ As a team member and the Historian were leaving the area by the piano on second floor, a clanging sound by the bar as if money had been thrown in front of them was heard.  Earlier in the evening a quarter was placed by both the digital recorder and the night vision the piano.  A quarter was found on the floor by the bar.  The quarter that had been placed by the digital recorder was missing.

While investigating in the upstairs bar area, a tapping sound came from the table and booth area.  The resulting photo shows possible orbs around the table and chairs.  One is partially behind a chair.