Case # FR-IL-0011
Private Cemetery in Freeport, Illinois
Investigation Date
October 11, 2008


Digital Camera
Digital Voice Recorder
EMF Meter


Strange lights seen in the cemetery from the caretakers home about 1/4 mile away.

Set the Digital Voice Recorder on the camera case beside a tombstone in the center of the cemetery.

Base EMF

Weather Conditions
Temp: 71 Degrees
Humidity: 51%
Wind: 3.5mph from changing directions
Sky: Clear

Shortly after starting the investigation, 4 young adults,  dressed completely in black, entered the cemetery over a back fence.  They were all carrying glow sticks.  When they were confronted by both P.R.I. and a law enforcement officer (that happened to be traveling by and saw their car parked on the side of the road on the other side of the cemetery), they admitted to doing this for the past 6 years.  They were sneaking in and making it look haunted in hopes that others would start to believe it and then the spot would start to get attention.  Why it may be possible that their is activity here, none was found that night.

The owner wishes to keep the exact location private.