Case # FR-IL-0008
Private Residence in Freeport, Illinois

Investigation Date
August 26, 2008


Nightvision Webcam
Digital Camera
Digital Voice Recorder (2)
Mini DV Camcorder
EMF Meter


Strange sounds from the basement.
Cold spots.
Objects moving (i.e. pictures, silverware,...)
Sounds of footsteps upstairs when in the basement doing laundry and no one else is home.
Homeowner hearing her name called out.
Seeing shadows that quickly disappear.

Nightvision Webcam set up to record down the main hall into the bedroom.
Digital Voice Recorder set on nightstand in the bedroom.
Mini DV Recorder set up in basement viewing stairs and the area under the stairs.
Digital Voice Recorder set on counter top beside the backside of the stairs.

Base EMF

Weather Conditions
Temp: 69 Degrees
Humidity: 58%
Wind: 9mph from the East
Sky: Scattered Clouds

The one EVP caught was taken from the basement.  It should be noted that no one was in the basement or surrounding area at the time that this EVP was recorded.
The previous owner of the house worked on wood projects in the basement before his death while his wife worked at a local nursing home.

During the investigation the temperature in the living room area by the television dropped.  The cold spot was located in a small area about 3 1/2 feet off the floor.  This was a result when a photograph was taken.

While heading into the basement, a noise was heard down the hall from what sounded like the bedroom.  The investigator took a photo immediately and when it was reviewed later, this was found.