Jacks Bar & Grill in Forreston, Illinois
Investigation Date
November 02, 2008

Kim (Owner)

Nightvision Webcam
IR Nightvision Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Voice Recorder (2)
Mini DV Camcorder
EMF Meter


Strange sounds from the basement.
Cold spots.
Objects moving (i.e. pizza cutter)
Sounds of footsteps upstairs when in the basement doing paperwork and no one else is present.
Sounds of music when everything is turned off.
Seeing shadows that quickly disappear.

Nightvision Webcam set up to view the hall facing the entrance to the basement.
Digital Voice Recorder set on edge of bar by the entrance.
Mini DV Recorder set up in corner by the giant television facing the bar.
Digital Voice Recorder set on table in basement beside the bar.
IR Nightvision Webcam set up in basement close to the stairs facing bar and far end of the basement

Base EMF

Weather Conditions
Temp: 44 Degrees
Humidity: 79%
Wind: 7mph from the South
Sky: Clear

Five EVP's were recorded during the investigation.
 2 Voices or Noices
 Indiscernible Voice
*Feel free to send a message of what you think is being said in this EVP*

While investigating in the upstairs bar, the laptop proceeded to make strange beeps and whistles.  When the flash went off, a shadow was thought to have been seen above the laptop.  The photograph taken shows a "blob" hovering above the laptop similar to what was thought to have been seen..