Often we receive emails or calls with questions.  These are a few of the most often asked questions that we get.  If you have a question and it is not answered here, please feel free to contact us and ask.  We welcome all questions.
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Do you investigate every case that you are contacted with?
Unfortunately...No.  Due to the numerous requests and locations, we sometimes refer cases to other paranormal groups closer to them or with less of a case load.  We do try to do as many as we can but we are only human and cannot get to them all.

Do you speak at public events or for private groups?
Yes we do.  If you are interested in having P.R.I. speak with your group or event, please contact us with your contact information and we will get back with you.

Do you ever investigate places suggested by nonmembers?
Yes, when we are able.  When investigating, we always get the owners approval.  Some places do not want any paranormal groups visiting them while others welcome us to investigate.  Of course, not all places that have been suggested are haunted or carry any paranormal activity that can be recorded.

I am always catching orbs in all the photos I take.  Am I really catching ghosts?
Orbs are not ghosts!  Orbs are in essence just balls of energy.  Most commonly, orbs are merely refractions of light from the camera lens.  When the flash of the camera bounces off something reflective within the range of the camera, perfectly round forms of light are formed.  These orbs are not in the photo, they are actually only on the lens.  Orbs can even be created with no flash.  Any light in the area can create an orb from bugs or even common dust.  With that being said, some orbs are actually true balls of energy.

Is it true that children are more often able to detect the paranormal?
Yes and No!  Children are more often, more open to the possibilities.  As a child, they have invisible pretend friends and still believe in such things as Santa.  They have not been trained by parents and/or teachers as of yet about what is real and what is not.  When this does happen, they become less open to the possibility of the paranormal.  Because of this, children are able to perceive and believe that anything is possible.  As stated before, this makes them more open to the possibilities.

What is an EVP? Why can't we hear them?
EVP's are Electronic Voice Phenomenons.  They are responses to questions or just statements made by the paranormal.  EVP's are most commonly only a few words or a short phrase.  Sometimes the evp may even sound as if singing or speaking lyrics.  The human ear is commonly only able to detect sound within the 20Hz to 20kHZ range.  At the time of recording, the evp is not heard by the human ears but when it is played back later, it is discerned.  Typically evp's are from a lower audible range.  Many evp's have been recorded in the -40 to -90 Hz range.  The human voice does not even register in that range.

How do I know if my house is haunted?
Most commonly a visual sighting is the best way to say if you are haunted or not.  Any of your senses can help in detecting hauntings.  Most commonly, sounds are reported such as footsteps, music, voices, and loud bangs.  Another is smell.  Anything from a floral smell to a foul smell like rotten eggs.  Sensations like cold spots and touch are also ways to detect hauntings and paranormal activities.

Why do ghosts haunt?
There are many theories as to why ghosts haunt
and one theory is that when the spirit has not passed over correctly into the next level of existence or whatever is believed it remains behind and thus a haunting.  There are numerous reasons why the spirit remains behind and they are very diverse.  It can be due to unfinished business, a fear of passing over, a sudden or unexpected death, or even guilt or grief.  In some cases the spirit will move on when it is satisfied with what it has done.  In others it will continue till the energy in the area is exhausted.  Of course in some cases the spirit will remain because of a familiarity or sense of being comfortable in that place.  Long ago when I posed this very question to someone that investigated the paranormal and I was given an answer that has stuck and will stick with me forever, "Because They Can!"

I have heard of a box that uses radio to speak with ghosts, what is it and how does it work?

The item you are referring to is called a Ghost Box.  Some believe it to be originally designed by Thomas Edison.  The Ghost Box scans AM and FM frequencies in a continuous fashion, creating white noise, which people believe spirits can use to communicate with.  The box is said to be interactive because you can ask questions directly to the spirits and receive immediate replies from them as you are talking.  If interested in making your own Ghost Box, visit: http://www.ghost-tech.com/ then click on ghost box hack.

How do you know how to use your equipment?

Well the equipment does come with directions for use but some of the equipment is not used in the standard way.  Sometimes we really on old fashion trial and error but most often we learn from others that are already using the equipment.  The best way is to read about the equipment, watch it being used, and learn by example.  Sometimes that doesn’t work and we contact other groups or we search it out on the internet.