DeBunkings / Fallicies
 False Orbs & Images
More often than not, false orbs and images are really reflections.  In this example from the DeSoto House Hotel in Galena, Illinois, the orb is actually a reflection off of a bolt.  There is a small gap between the two pieces that when the light hit it just right, created a false orb.  The tape and water stains on the cardboard behind it also cause the eyes to see what is really not there as well.  The images is mistaken as a possible face or such.  Upon closer observation, these things are discovered.

False Shadows

False Shadows and figures can be explained by numerous means.  Anywhere from not noticing that someone was actually in the photo to an actual fake created photo.  Some people think it is great to create these fake photos and attempt to pass them off as an actual photo.  The other, is when the photo is taken accidentally or without noticing someone walk into the photo.  This happens more than not and when the photos are reviewed, you have what looks like a shadow
figure in the photo.  This happens often in low light situations.
 Imaging / Matrixing
Many times reflections can be perceived by the eye as something else.  When this happens we start to see what we believe it to be and not what it actually is.  In this case, the reflection in the window is coming from behind the window off of a tank in the dark hall behind the door.  The image of what looks to be a face in the shaded area is actually reflections from that tank behind the door.  Even though it is in a dark hall behind the door, it still reflected back when the flash was used.
 Smoke / Mist
Though it may be obvious to some, others often mistake black smoke (but more often white smoke) for something it is not.  When photos like this are being analyzed, it is imperative that it is also noted if their are any fires, dryer vents, or cars nearby that could be causing this event.  This was from a fire which was about 100 feet away.  Even water sources can make a mist when the temperature is right.  Mist has even been seen coming off of trees at night.