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Deep Trace Medium - A psychic who allows a spirit to enter their body so that the spirits can communicate through them.

Déjà vu
- An impression or dull familiarity of having seen or experienced certain situations or experiences before. As familiar as these experiences are, you are unable to recall nor figure out when they happened.

- This word is used to describe a spirit or specter meaning to deprive of or lose apparent physical substance or in simpler terms, without flesh.

- An inferior deity often spoken of in religious text as pure evil, evil spirits, and the minions of the Devil.

Demonic Spirit
– An entity or spirit spawned from the devil that is of this earth. They have the capability of human possession and inhuman.

- One who studies and practices the art of demonology. An individual who specializes in the removal of evil or demonic forces from a given environment using the art of demonology. One who brings demonic forces out of their slumber to be cast away. Someone who uses the art of demonology to incantate demons for ones use in battling them.

Dice Test
- An experimental test in which a subject attempts to influence the fall of dice. This study is used for the investigation of psychokinesis.

Direct Voice Phenomenon (DVP)
- An auditory “spirit” voice that is spoken directly to the sitters at a séance. Usually the voice comes from a location near the medium.

Direct Writing
- Direct writing is when spirits actually write using any means. This can be done by slate writing or by pen and paper.

- A spirit function without a body

Disembodied Voice
– A voice that is heard but that comes from no physical body.

- The obtaining of future events and the unknown by the use of an outside force.

Divining Rod
– A forked rod, commonly of hazel, supposed to be useful in locating underground water, metal deposits, and paranormal entities.

DMILS (Direct Mental Interaction with Living Systems) – Used to denote instances where one person is attempting to influence a distant biological system, usually the physiology of another person. As it is unclear whether this represents an influence (psychokinesis), a case of ESP on the part of the influence (ESP) or an opportunistic selection process, the term 'interaction' has been adopted.

- An exact spirit double or mirror image of a person which is considered to be very negative.

- To be able to find underground water and/or underground minerals.

Earthbound - A term referring to a ghost or spirit that was unable to cross over to the other side at the time of death and is therefore stuck on earth.

– An immaterial or ethereal substance that is the product of psychic energy most commonly seen as a fog like mist, solid white mass, or vortex. It commonly marks transparent corporeal presence of a spirit or ghost.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF)
– The field of force associated with electric charge in motion, having both electric and magnetic components and containing a definite amount of electromagnetic energy.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)
– Sections of noise on an electronic recording that reveal sounds resembling voices speaking words. These sounds are undetectable to the human ear. The human ear is commonly only able to detect sound within the 20Hz to 20kHZ range. Many EVP's have been recorded in the -40 to -90 Hz range. The human voice does not even register in that range.

- Spiritualists commonly refer to this term to describe mean or angry spirits sometimes also called “Earth Spirits”.

EMF Detector
- Magnetometer

– Though rarely used in modern parapsychology, it is the low-level form of telepathy wherein the empath is understanding, aware of, sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner.

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)
- Communication or perception or knowledge of external objects by means other than the physical senses.

- The expulsion / banishment of an entity or entities (i.e. spirits, ghosts, or demons) that is thought to possess or haunt a location or human being or animal. The ritual, which can be religious in nature, is conducted by an exorcist who will call upon a Higher Power to cast away any evil forces that may reside there.