Call - A call is the response that is made by a subject during a card-guessing test or during any other type of ESP test.

Card Guessing - Card guessing is used as an experimental test for ESP in which a subject tries to guess the identity of a set of cards (Zener Cards).

Case Study - An in-depth investigation of an individual subject.

Channeling - In this modern day method of spirit communication, a spirit will pass information directly to a medium or channeler who will then relay the information on to the listener(s).

Clairalience - The psychic ability to receive a message from a spirit by smell.

Clairaudience - An auditory form of ESP paranormal information is received outside the range of normal perception through voices, whispers and auditory impressions.

Clairaudient - The psychic ability to receive a message from a spirit by hearing voices or sounds that are normally inaudible to the human ear.

Clairmbience - The psychic ability to receive a message from a spirit by taste.

Clairoleofactor - To have an extraordinary sense of smell, as if you could smell flowers before they bloom or smell trouble before it occurs or death before it happens.

Clairsentience - A general term for clairvoyance and clairaudience. Clairsentience typically occurs in the form of ESP through physical sensations or smells.

Clairvoyance - An acute insight or perceptiveness that enables you to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses in the form of mental imagery and intuition (ESP).

Clairsentient - The psychic ability to feel things that are not normally felt by most people.

Closed Deck - A set of cards used in a card guessing deck in which each card will appear a fixed number of times. The statistical analysis obtained from a closed card deck differs from that of an open card deck. (Card Guessing, Zener Cards).

Cold Reading - This is a technique commonly used by fake mind readers, mediums and magicians which allows them to obtain previously unknown information about a person by asking a general series of statements, questions and answers.

Cold Spot- An area that has a large temperature drop from the surrounding area. They are often believed to be made when a ghost or spirit is present or attempting to manifest themselves.
Collective Apparition - A rare type of sighting in which more than one person sees the same apparition or phenomena.

Communication – To have a special rapport or understanding with humans, spirits, animals, plants, or alien beings.

- This is a procedure in paranormal psychology that ensures that the experiment is conducted in a standard fashion so that the results will not be influenced by any extraneous factors.

Control Group
- A group of outside subjects whose performance or abilities are compared with the experimental subjects.

Crisis Apparition
- An apparition that is seen when a person is seriously ill, seriously injured or at the point of death.

Cross-Species Communication
- To have a special rapport and understanding with animals, plants or alien beings.

- The art of gazing into a crystal globe, a pool of water, a mirror, or any transparent object. The person may put him/her self into a hypnotic state to see visions or to summon forth spirits or demons.

– A formula or charm intended to cause misfortune, evil, or doom to befall upon a person or group.